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Cell Culture Flask T25

Cell Culture Flask surface is very smooth based on precise molding technology and it gives clear view when examined with microscope.



* The product is made of medical grade USP CLASS VI polymer polystyrene

* The product is made under a 100,00- class dust-free manufacturing site

* Two kinds of product line up are providing.

For adherent cell culture: Initial adherence and proliferative property of cells via hydrophilic surface treatment.

For suspension cell culture: The surface is resistant to cell adherence, which minimizes damage or loss of cell.

* Large mouthed design makes easy operation of pipet or cell scraper. The surface of flask is uniform and smooth, hence the clear view can be obtained when microscopic observation.

* The hydrophobic filter cap can prevent invasion of fungi and bacteria without water absorb.

* Gamma radiation sterilization

* Non-Pyrogenic, DNase/Rnase free.

Non-treated Cell Culture Flask,For suspension cell culture

P/NCulture area(cm²)Capacity(ml)CapQty/PkQty/Cs
2111002550Vent Cap10200
2111102550Plug Seal Cap10200
21120075250Vent Cap5100
21121075250Plug Seal Cap4100
211300175750Vent Cap530
211410175750Plug Seal Cap530
211300225950Vent Cap525
211410225950Plug Seal Cap525

Tissue Culture Treated Flask,For adherent cell culture

P/NCulture area(cm²)Capacity(ml)CapQty/PkQty/Cs
2101002550Vent Cap10200
2101102550Plug Seal Cap10200
21020075250Vent Cap5100
21021075250Plug Seal Cap4100
210300175750Vent Cap530
210310175750Plug Seal Cap530
210400225950Vent Cap525
210410225950Plug Seal Cap525
210500150700vent cap530
210510150700Plug Seal Cap530
2106005 layer *1753750vent cap18
2106105 layer *175c3750Plug Seal Cap18